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CAHG President Attend Animal Health Investment Asia

  • Author: 超级管理员
  • Time: 2016-11-10 10:59:46
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Dr. XUE Tingwu, president of CAHG, was invited by the Kisaco Research (an UK based event promotion company) as an honored speaker to attend the Animal Health Investment Asia which was taken place on 19th & 20th October at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.

This year is the first time for Animal Health Investment Asia (AHIA) launched, which focuses on Chinese and Asia Pacific markets and shares insight view on the emerging market. Dr. XUE was invited to address a presentation tilled in An Inside View of China Animal Health Industry --from a Chinese Perspective, which really captured the audiences attentions. Other speakers covered the topics ranging from animal health innovation in China to market growth in Chinese Animal Health market, from a global view on recent M&A activities in global animal health market to global challenges & drivers for animal health markets. Interval networking events were also in place, and a wide range of attendance, including of people from Chinese animal health companies, multinational animal health companies, global financial investment firms, government representatives, etc. were present.

The AHIA event provided a global industry forum designed as a neutral business networking and partnership platform to provide the "connection opportunities " for senior executives from leading companies or multinational companies, especially engaged in animal health sector.

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