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【Product name】 ZENOLONG
【Product Parameter】
Specification: 46 g/1L
Retention period: Long-term (7-14 days)
【Product Ingredients】
Trisodium citrate, Glucose, Sodium hydrogen carbonate, EDTA, etc.
【Product Introduction】
◆ Leading Technology: Adopt the excellent cell freeing technology and the motility of diluted swine semen being preserved for 2 weeks.
◆ Unique composition: Contains no BSA (Bovine Serum Albumin). No bubbles when dissolved and can be used directly after dissolving.
◆ Storage easily: Swine semen diluted by the product could be preserved at temperature environment of 4~17℃, easy to store and transport.
◆ Good dispersion: High dispersing performance after dilution ensures less precipitation phenomenon; mix the solution in every 3 to 5 days.
◆ Suitable for transportation: Swine semen diluted by the product will be benefit of less vibration damage to sperm during transportation.
◆ High sperm viability: Swine semen diluted by the product will be keep high sperm viability, therefore to improve the fertilization rate.
◎ One bag of the product shall be gradually added into 1 L sterile distilled water at the temperature of 25~35℃ and stir it for 5~10 minutes until the product is fully dissolved. Then it could be used for diluting the newly collected swine semen. The dilution proportion shall be 1:2 to 1:10 according to the concentration and the quality of the semen.
◎ The diluted swine semen could be preserved in 4~17℃ temperature controlled environment, and joggled it tenderly until being evenly distributed once every 3 days.
◎ To avoid damages caused by a sharp fall of temperature to the sperm motility when preserve the diluted swine semen in the temperature environment under 10℃, container containing diluted swine semen shall be placed into a specified foam box or wrapped into thick towels first.
◎ This product shall be once used as soon as possible after opening.
◎ This product shall not be used for purpose other than diluting the swine semen.
◎ Keep this product far from children’s reach.
Store it in a cool, dark, dry place, 30 ℃ below, and do not expose it to high temperature and high humidity.

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